Duration Of Vigora Action

Now we are in the process of helping them address the issues that we uncovered.  We don’t always agree on interpretations of information nor on preferred vigora actions.  Nevertheless, we seem to be making progress in moving towards goals that are clearly on the table and desired by most if not all of the stakeholders.
This is one time when I am really glad that we did not walk away.  However, if we had not had the frank discussions upfront with our clients, the entire process could have led to nothing – or worse could have led to results that would have tarnished our credibility and could have hurt people within our site about vigora http://vigora.org.
This was a tough one that seems to be turning out ok.  However, at other times we have been confronted with situations where the clients were not willing to communicate directly with us.  In these cases, we did walk away.  The key is in knowing when to stay the course and when to choose to leave.  And, of course,  we must always have the courage to confront the hard issues from the start.
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